What is Birm?

During the last couple decades we have been slowly migrating into the hyper-connected world where it's easier to see what our highschool classmate is having for breakfast in Bali than connecting with our neighbours.
Birm is an open project trying to connect people that are close.

  • Closer
  • Anonymous
  • Hear

Closer is better

The project is based on proximity to others. The starting point is the GPS coordinates of your phone.

Anonymity first

Speak your mind freely. Choose your identity every time (or not).

We hear you

We're not yet sure about how far this will go. We're happy to get feedback. Or get help. Let us know.


Tomás is a dreamer/developer that has too many ideas for the short days and a knack for rapid-development. You can find him in your nearest hackathon.


Juan is an optimist/product-operations guy that would choose immortality as his super-power so he can keep learning forever.